Friday, February 22, 2013

Those Things You Don't Think About...

Hey Ya'll,
So last week I chose what my fast for Lent was going to be and I put it out into the Universe. Well, the day I wrote my blog I was feeling slightly under the weather later that night I was full on sick. It's amazing all the products you want to use when you don't feel well just to cut down your prep time and make things as simple as possible for yourself. In my case I am the only cook in the home and send my daughter to school with a homemade lunch everyday. Well being sick and still having to go to work I could barely think straight let alone concoct complete meals for everyone in the house. I survived until the weekend and then everything crumbed around me. My daughter and husband were eating take out pretty much all week and I was eating soup from wherever I could get it until about Wednesday this week when I finally had the energy to go to the grocery store long enough to pick up some fruit and ingredients for some chicken soup. I made sure to turn on the crockpot and make the biggest batch of soup I could fit in there; that way even after eating all the solids I can use the remaining stock for other recipes. After my fever broke I stuck to my no processed foods much better. When you can barely see straight you're not exactly thinking "I really shouldn't eat this canned soup right now" you're more likely thinking "Please God let the soup go down with little pain and stay down long enough for me to begin to feel at least a little better."
Fortunately, the Creator I serve is forgiving and understanding so I know today is like a new day in this fast for me. Now all I need is some help cleaning up the mess that has accumulated at home and next week will be 10 times better than the past 9 days. Actually March is right around the corner, I think I will just gather the family to do some basic cleaning and then during spring break we might hire someone to do all the deep cleaning this year. We all have far too many things going on in our lives at the moment and I would much rather go do something fun with my family that torture everyone into deep cleaning the freezer or cleaning the base boards. What I am learning lately is, it's okay to not do/be everything for/to everyone. Sometimes in order to fit some of the fun things in between all of the important stuff we have to be willing to let go of and delegate (or outsource) some of the "should do" stuff.

What responsibility would you be willing to pass on to someone else so that you could enjoy life just a little more?
Namaste Ya'll
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