Monday, January 21, 2013

What am I doing?

Hey Ya'll,
So I took a little time during the holiday season to make an attempt at figuring out what it is that I want to do with this Health Coach certification that I will have once I graduate IIN this year. And what I came up with is....I don't know. I'm serious, I think there are just SO many options to choose from and so many directions to take my career in that I am at a loss right now. What I decided to do is continue to just focus on using this education for my own improvement. And believe me there are so many Primary foods in my life that are unbalanced that I should be paying myself to go through a full 6-month program. But instead I'm paying IIN to guide me through my very own year long program. And right now I'm fine with that. I'm fine with saying that this program really is for me. It is for me to relearn how to agree to take care of me.

I did sort of hope to be able to do something along the lines of really guiding people through how food can be their medicine. Amazingly enough there is a new television show on the Cooking Channel that is touching on this very concept. This show originated in the UK (as most of the good health aware shows do, if not then they are from Canada) and just began to air in the USA this month. It's called The Food Hospital and features a Registered Dietitian, and General Physician, and a Consulting Surgeon who meet people with life altering ailments and help them work through the worst of it through changes in their diet and lifestyle. I have only seen one episode so far, but the episode I saw seemed to focus more on the generalizations of how foods can change very specific ailments, but not always a clear mapping out of how to compile these foods to make life normal for the patient. I am hoping that the show evolves more to show the US audience exactly what is meant by a "strict additive free diet", for example. Unfortunately this country has become so far removed from whole foods that many people no longer understand what might constitute an additive. I can absolutely see myself as part of a team like this....but for what demographic? I need a target market to focus on so that I can be as well versed in their needs as possible and give them the best assistance that I am capable of giving.

I really and truly believe that I have been placed on this earth to help heal God's children. But I think right now God is trying to get me to heal myself first and then he will reveal to me which of his children he has for me to help and heal. So one day at a time for me, fasting and praying periodically. I think this year's Lent will be eternally transforming and I welcome the changes with open arms. Now if I could just shake these allergy fevers and scratchy throat I can get back to my regularly scheduled workouts. Jillian Michael's is waiting for me Yay and Boo at the same time :-)
Namaste Ya'll
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