Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Unfinished Business

Hey Ya'll,
We are currently in a testing bye-week so to speak in classes right now. So at the moment there is no homework and there are no lessons to speak about, just time being given to us to take our first test and get caught up on any work that may have been neglected. Since I last shared about how school was going I have gotten myself all caught up and am feeling accomplished. With not much occurring on the academic front for me for now I will venture into other topics today.

I am fully aware of the fact that there are many, and boy do I mean many, projects in that I have started but never finished. Yoga challenges, Juice cleanses, workout regimens, knitting projects, sewing projects. Heck even my degree is a hodge-podge of courses that originally belonged to the ideas of 4 separate degree plans I once thought I wanted to pursue. Fortunately, the college I went to basically had a generic health degree that I fit into and was able to graduate with rather than run out of financial aid while I tried to find myself. The honeymoon phase of any new job wears-off quickly for me because I have yet to place myself in a role that feeds my soul. My passions are very specific but for some reason I have convinced myself that I could never make a decent living fulfilling them. Well, now I realize the only way I will be successful is to do work that I love and am willing to be part of every single day that I wake up. With anyone who takes the time to read this as my witness I will live my dreams:
I will make food the center of my profession
I will service pregnant women and their babies (maybe I will doula or lactation consult)
I will write again...and enjoy it again
I will live in my dream home on the outskirts of town with my small livestock and my large garden.
I will see the world and speak its languages

And I will share all of these experiences with you all right here. Of course I have started with my IIN journey and will continue the whole way through. Earlier I was a little down on myself for failing to make this blog what I originally set out for it to be; sharing my love for food and my walk into yoga. But then I thought, this blog was never meant to be so one dimensional. This blog was meant to expose my overall journey into peace and into truly loving my life and who I am in this life. I have finally begun to do that. Now is the time to open up and share my food adventures with those of you who choose to stop by and read. My first real food post will be an Eat Out Loud post for Food Day, which is officially October 24, 2012  It will be complete with pictures and descriptive words, the whole nine yards. Thank you all for baring with me as I gain my footing in this sometimes frighteningly open world and learn to love who I am enough to honestly share myself with anyone willing to listen (or read). I look forward to evolving this blog into what it was always meant to be and doing it with love rather than my own impatience for perfection.
To anyone who may actually read this thank you for doing so, until my next exposure.
Namaste Ya'll
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